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Andis 5-Speed BGRV (63100) Review with Detachable Blade Kit

[amazon_link asins=’B00306FNUS’ template=’imageleft’ store=’groomng-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ba372a0a-8d8a-11e7-90fd-ef152ad2d3d1′]In today’s world where everyone is running short of time, it has become very difficult to find time for the salon to get a haircut. But compromising with the looks is not what you should settle for. In such cases, hair clippers come as a savior and the game to find the best one begins. Finding the perfect hair clipper for men is as difficult as finding the perfect ring. So, saving your search, we bring you the Andis Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit for the amazing hair trimming experience.

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Features of Andis Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit

Andis Hair Clipper comes with ample of special features to help you look perfect. You can now make any beard styles and haircuts with great ease. Being one of the useful clippers at salon and house too, the first and foremost advantage of this clipper is the five variable speed setting blades that help you get the best work. The blades are easy to detach that makes cleaning and changing process more comfortable. The controllable speed helps the stylist to work easily and efficiently with the different hair densities (thin or thick) and hair textures (dry, damp or wet).

One of the greatest features of the clipper is that it works perfectly and smoothly with Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades along with Oster 76 blades. It comes with the touch button that controls speed, making it easy and handy to use. The clipper remembers the last speed settings that were made before switching it off. Isn’t this amazing?

Being useful equipment, it satisfies all the needs for a perfect hair clipper. Forget about the cumbersome tasks like greasing the motor and oiling for smooth grip because Andis Hair Clipper does not require anything like that. It is smoother, easier and quicker to use with very less noise as compared to other models. So get yourself the best of its kind so that hair clipping becomes a comfortable thing and Groominguru will make you feel confident about your choice.

Benefits of Andis Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit

  • It comes with the shiny and rich black color that makes it more slim and narrow. The sleek design and unbeatable performance give it a very high rating. The easy to use and low voltage consumption makes this hair clipper more user-friendly.
  • The product is also recognized by the Groominguru, expert guide to man grooming. The motor of the clipper is very powerful and quiet that results in low voice even at high speed which makes kid’s hair clipping easier.
  • The hair clipper is equipped with the 4*4 blade drive which makes it more reliable. The cord comes with the 360 tangle-free swivel that helps to increase mobility and reduces hand strain. It also prevents the wearing out of the cord.

Drawbacks of Andis Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit

Everything has its pros and cons and so does the hair clipper. A few disadvantages of this tool are:

  • The battery pack has to be purchased separately that makes it more expensive. If the cord wears out then the replacement cost is very expensive.
  • The power adapter is also very huge to maintain. The product requires high maintenance as the wire is very delicate.
  • The hair clipper comes with only one blade so, for those who were expecting a blade set, this will be a little disappointment.

Points to Remember

  • Adjust the hair clipper per your hair density. If you are having shorter hairs then keep the speed slow that will increase the life of your hair clipper and will save power.
  • Make sure that blades are cleaned after use because hair and dust particles block the clipping mechanism and increase the load on the motor.

Few Tips for Andis Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit

If you want to make sure that your hair clipper runs for a long time then you should consider some points during its life.

  • [amazon_link asins=’B00306FNUS’ template=’imageright’ store=’groomng-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7e56a449-8d8a-11e7-bda0-c99d6489e603′]Do not keep the hair clipper speed high most of the times to prevent excessive heating. Adjust it as per your hair density and length.
  • Do not switch off the hair clipper while it is at highest speed because it remembers the last speed settings before switching off. Adjust the clipper to slow speed before powering off to increase the life.
  • Do not plug in charging after being fully charged to extend the battery life.

Become a professional in hair clipping of your own because now you can shape your hairs in any manner you want. Switch off the hair clipper after use to avoid excessive load on the motor.

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In Conclusion

Groominguru has years of experience in reviewing the products that are the best for man’s upbringing. So, if any product is recognized by them then it can be trusted blindly. Such hair clippers make you look apart from the rest and this is why you must buy this product. Overall it can be said that a hair clipper that comes with the adjustable speed blade, tangle free swivel cord, and battery pack for a cordless experience is a must-have. It will turn out to be worthy of every single penny that you spend on it.

So, if you are one of them who crave for a handy hair clipper or someone who does not want a hair clipper that can adjust as per your hair density, then this Andis review would definitely help you.