Best Way To Grow a Beard – Top Tips And Tricks To Grow Faster!

I dont like myself without beardWe can all agree that men look great with a beard. Some might even say that the beard is the equivalent of the makeup women use. This might seem like an overstatement, but seriously now, how many men do you know that look a lot better after they have grown a stubble or a beard? Even if you only know one, it’s clear that sometimes the beard actually works.

Now, you might think that growing a beard is simple. After all, it’s just about letting the hair grow without shaving it, right? Well, this cannot be further from the truth. A beard grows by itself, but you have to put in the effort if you want to look great wearing one.

Some men like growing a beard because it makes them look older. Others grow one to look hotter. Some grow one because they get skin irritation after each shave, so it’s better to avoid shaving altogether. In some cultures, a thick beard is actually a sign of power and prosperity.

But how can you grow a beard? Is there any way to do it faster? Which is the best way to grow a beard if you want it to look spectacular? Well, if you want the answers to these questions, you have to read the following article.

The Hereditary Factor

Some men are capable of growing a beard without trying too hard. You see them clean-shaven at work, and next thing you know, they’re sporting a stubble like they’ve been deployed in the desert for the last 11 months.

That’s because the growth rate of the beard is greatly influenced by genetic factors and the testosterone levels your body produces.

Despite the fact that growing a beard has a genetic and a hormonal component, there are still ways you can facilitate its growth.Even if you tried growing a beard before without success, you can still try following this guide to help your inner beard become an outer one.

Be Healthy

Best Way To Grow a BeardNow that’s a valuable advice. Sure, being healthy might be important for your livelihood, but it’s also important for your beard.

One easy thing you can do to encourage the growth of your beard is to start eating protein-rich foods. Meat, eggs, fish, and beans will help you grow a beard faster than a carbohydrate-based diet. You can also try taking biotin supplements. They increase your hair growth.

You can also improve your health and raise the level of your testosterone production by working out. Exercising regularly improves your circulation. The increased blood flow not only reaches the muscles, it will also reach your skin. This will help with facial hair growth, as the hairs on your face will receive more nutrients thanks to the increased blood flow.

Not only a generally healthy diet will help. Cleaning and scrubbing your face regularly will also help. Use an exfoliating lotion to scrub your face clean at least once a week. The dead skin cells on your face sometimes block the growth of the new hair, so removing them will stimulate growth.

Besides a weekly scrub, you can also clean your face daily using a mild soap and warm water. The warm water will open the pores on your face, allowing the soap to reach deeper into the skin.

Have you heard the expression “Everything is better after a good night’s sleep?” Well, when it comes to growing a beard, a good night’s sleep is very important. Resting properly will lower the stress your body is exposed to. Stress is a factor that leads to hair loss in a lot of men. Reducing the stress is very important if you want to grow a beard.

Be Dedicated

Many men try growing a beard at one point or another in their lives. Some of them make the mistake of trying to grow a beard when they’re too young and they weren’t able to, but the majority tries and gives up after just a short period of time.

If you want to grow a beard, you have to be dedicated. Growing a beard is not a quick process, and it often is an uncomfortable one. At one point, you’re bound to feel so itchy you have to scratch all the times. Be patient, it will pass.

If your face itches, try cleaning it with an exfoliating lotion. This might dull down the itchiness as the dead cells will no longer block your pores.

Keep in mind that you might have to wait for at least 3 – 4 weeks before your beard is long enough to fit into a pattern. You will feel itchy at times, but you have to push through it.

Be Stylish

be stylish beardIf you believe your beard will grow just like you see in the movies, well, you’re in for a surprise. Only a few men are able to grow a full beard without patches or bald spots. Those are the lucky ones. If you’re not among them, use the patches to your advantage.

Everybody has to style their beard, no matter how long or short they grow it. If you have a patchy beard, style it so the bald spots seem part of the pattern. Not only will this improve the way you look, but it will actually lower the amount of maintenance you need to do to keep your beard in order.

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