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12 Best Hair Cutting Shears – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Whatever it is that you intend to use them for, one thing is for sure: you’ll always want to have the best hair cutting shears in your hand. They come handy whether you trim your hair at home, or style those of your clients to earn a living.

That’s why you need to choose a pair that would remain useful for a long time. Finding a product that fits this standard won’t be easy due to the sheer number of models available on the market. All of them claim to be the best and further muddy the waters with their glitzy packaging.

If you aren’t careful, their marketing might convince you to purchase a bargain shear. These are models which perform for three months, and then spend the rest of their life at the bottom of your drawer. Avoid falling in their trap by going through our hair cutting shear reviews.

Best Hair Cutting Shears

1. Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series

Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge SeriesVery few manufacturers can rival Equinox International in terms of reputation. Models like this are the reason why. This product is made of Japanese stainless steel and is therefore capable of withstanding several falls and knocks against the shelves.

The hand-sharpened cutting edges of its precise blades will let you trim for hours without straining your wrist. Its easy-grip handle and curved finger rest allow this scissor to cradle your fingers. That is the reason why you’d be able to deliver a confident haircut at every time of asking.

The adjustment screw you see on this scissor gives you the option to fine-tune its tension as per your preference. The plastic casing in which this product is delivered is vacuum-sealed. You can count on it to keep moisture, dirt, dust, and other environmental irritants at bay.

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2. Utopia Care Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears

Utopia Care Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors - ShearsHere is another product whose build quality and ergonomic design are without a match. It is made of 100% stainless steel and has a coating that keeps scratches and abrasions at bay. The screw placed in the area where the handle meets the blades lets you adjust its tension with ease.

Since it is equipped with a non-slip handle, this shear will continue to provide a comfortable grip for hours on end. Its super-sharp blades won’t take much force to let you give your customers the haircut of their choice. Their ability to keep bluntness at bay helps the blades give a clean cut every time.

You might have seen by now that this model’s length (6.5 inches) is on the longer side. That’s a useful feature if you are going to use it on different types of clientele. You also get a lifetime warranty against assembling defects on this product.

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3. ROUGH STACHE Professional Hair Scissors

ROUGH STACHE Professional Hair ScissorsIf you can afford to spend over-the-odds on an above-average product, then you must consider these Professional Hair Scissors. Their hundred-percent stainless steel construction and rust-resistant coating make them useful for years to come.

The coating which protects this shear from corrosion also keeps the ill-effects of chemical hair care products at bay. The two equal-size holes on the handle – as well as the curved finger rest – provide a perfect combo of control and proper blade alignment.

Its adjustable tension system lets you customize the tension between this product’s handle and blade. You can loosen the screw when cutting thick, long or curly hair. Or you can tighten it up when your client has short hair, or they demand a more precise haircut. Also on offer is a storage case for its protection.

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4. Saaqaans Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set

Saaqaans Professional Hair Cutting Scissors SetOnce you’ve made your first haircut with this pair of scissors, you’d realize what huge difference the right pair can make in the overall quality of your work. It lets you fine-tune its tension based on your working style and boasts lightweight construction that makes it easy to handle.

The hand-crafted blades which would help you get the job done by providing a unique combination of control and balance. Its package also includes a straight-edge beard shaving razor that accommodates both the single-edge as well as dual-edge blades.

Also included in the package is a pair of texturing shears. Expert stylists among you can use them to add volume to the hairs of your client through layering. The last two items in the set are a hair comb and a luxury scissors case in which you can store every piece of the kit.

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5. ULG Hair Cutting Scissors Shears

ULG Hair Cutting Scissors ShearsDo you know what separates this product from others in this review? It boasts an offset grip whose finger handle is bigger than the thumb handle. This design keeps the overextension of your thumb at a minimum, while also allowing you to relax your wrist and elbow.

Three features of this product will reveal themselves on a close inspection of its blade. They include a smooth and polished mirror finish, luxurious blue diamond stones and a two-leaf intersection at the meeting point of the blade and the handle. All three are responsible for its high-end exterior.

You can bet on this product’s multi-functionality as well. The 6.5 inches length of its blades makes them easy and safe to use on any and every type of audience. Hence the reason why beginners, as well as professionals, would have no problem adapting to this pair.

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6. Elfina Hair Cutting Shears

Elfina Hair Cutting ShearsIf you came here in search of high-quality shears set, your search ends here. This professional kit comes with cutting shear and thinning shear to let you cut and style hair any way you like. The hairclips in its package help you in steadying rough hair before trimming them.

Both the shears are made of high-quality 420 stainless steel. Their blades are molded and controlled at a 48* angle to maintain their sharpness and hardness at the optimum level. An adjustable screw just beneath the blades lets you quickly tighten or loosen their tension as your wish.

Other items in its kit include two hair clips, a grooming comb, and one cleaning cloth. All of them are important, but there’s an excellent chance you’d end up losing them. But you won’t as a leather zipper case included in the kit let you store (and transport) all its items with ease.

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7. Got Glamour Cobalt Molybdenum Hair Cutting Scissors

There’s nothing like the feeling of doing something right. But to do anything right, you need the proper tools. If you’re interested in hairdressing, whether you’re a student, a barber, or a stylist, the Got Glamour cutting scissors are the proper tool for you.

One of the problems most people, even the professionals, encounter when looking for a new pair of hairdressing scissors is the sheer amount of types of Japanese steel most manufacturers use nowadays. You don’t know which type is better than the other, or why. You can’t tell which is the more durable one, and which one will keep its edge for longer.

Well, when you choose these scissors, those are problems of the past. Unlike other models, these shears are made out of cobalt molybdenum, and they have a very sharp edge. In fact, their edge can last 5 times longer than that of stainless steel blades.

Another great thing about these scissors is that you can use them for hours and not feel any fatigue building in your wrists, arms, and shoulders. The custom-made offset grip has a detachable rubber insert and a finger rest to help relieve the stress accumulated in a day’s work.

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8. Suvorna 5.5” Precision Japanese Barber Scissors

Suvorna’s 5.5” precision shears are the right tools for the job if you’re a barber or a stylist. With millions of customers around the world, Suvorna is one of the most popular barber tools and accessories in the world.

The shears have a convex razor edge that works perfectly with the hollow ground blades and cut the hair without bending or pushing it, so every cut you make will be very precise.

This model is made out of a single slab of the best quality J2 Japanese 420 stainless steel. This steel grade is very hard and durable, and it will maintain its edge for a very long time. These scissors are not a tool. They are an investment. You will be able to use them for years, keeping all your customers happy with your great performance.

One of the great things about choosing this model is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Every pair of scissors has to pass several tests before it’s released for sale. So it benefits from a lifetime warranty against all manufacturer defects.

The hollow ground build will help you use the scissors with precision for a long time without feeling tired, keeping all your customers happy with your performance and precision.

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9. Professional Barber/Salon Hair Cutting Scissors

Whether you want to keep your clients happy so they keep coming back, or just want to reveal your skills and creativity, you need to use the best tools.

These professional hair cutting scissors are one of the most popular models currently available. They’re used by some of the best hairdressers and stylists around the world.

Constructed out of the best Japanese stainless J2 420 steel, the scissors are treated until they gain a Rockwell Hardness of 53 – 54. In short, these scissors will keep their cutting edge for a very long time before you will notice any difference.

Each pair of scissors is sanded, tested, and wrapped by hand, so you can be sure they are tweaked to make sure they deliver only the best performance.

The scissors are 6.5” long, and they are apt to cut all types of hair with precision. The ergonomic design of the handle will make the scissors easy to use, so you will be able to cut hair all day long without fatigue. The removable finger and thumb adjustments make the scissors fit in every hand, so you will handle them with ease.

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10. Cricket Roc-it Dog Shear R 575

Whether you’re a student, a stylist, or a barber, the Centrix Roc-it R 575 would make a great addition to your cutting tools. These shears offer the cutting tools you need to express your performance and creativity.

The Roc-it shears are precision cast. This means that the metals are melted at incredibly high temperatures and then they’re mixed to create the special alloy which is then poured into a handcrafted mold.

After the components are retrieved from their mold, they’re sharpened, polished, and honed by hand to get a sure and precise edge. The shears come with a low-stress offset grip, a custom tension modifier knob, and a removable finger rest.

One of the advantages of choosing Centrix for your shears is that they come with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects. Their products also benefit from an in-house service where expert craftsmen will service, sharpen, and refurbish your shears when needed, making sure they always deliver maximum performance.

The offset grip will allow you to have a relaxed grip on the shears, so you will always be relaxed when using them. This will improve your cutting speed and lower the stress in your arms and back at the same time.

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11. JOHN Longlasting Professional Shears

When you decide to earn your living by cutting people’s hair, you know you have to invest in the right tools for the job. Whether we’re talking about the hair clippers, the thinning scissors, or the hair cutting shears, everything has to be top-notch. If you use flimsy tools, they might break faster than you think, and they might even inconvenience your customers.

The professional hair cutting shears developed by JOHN will cut the hair smoothly and without ripping or pulling it. They have razor-like sharp blades that will cut through the thickest hair without resistance.

These shears are made out of high-quality Japanese ATS314 alloy which contains cobalt and steel. This alloy has a lifespan three times longer than regular stainless steel, so you will be able to use the shears for a very long time

All the shears are hand sharpened by a professional, and individually inspected before they are shipped. You can rest assured that only the best models will reach you.

These shears come with a 24-month warranty and free service period. During this time, you can get your the shears sharpened for free, but most likely, you won’t have to.

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12. Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors Shears

Kovira is one of the manufacturers that supplies millions of professionals across the world. Their products are generally used in salons or barbershops, but you can use them for great results at home, as well.

When you choose a Kovira pair of hair cutting scissors, you can rest assured that your product will be hygienic, non-tarnishable, and easy to clean. Moreover, their products are renowned for their durability. Once you choose one of their scissors, you can use it for years on end.

These professional hairdressing scissors are 6.5” long. They are constructed out of Japanese 440C stainless steel, and they are very stylish. The scissors come in a cushioned black leather storage for easier and safer transport.

The nice thing about these scissors is that they have a very good balance. Once you start cutting hair, you can keep on going for hours without feeling tired.

The scissors have removable rubber handle inserts designed to fit any fingers for a better haircutting experience. The easy-to-use tension adjustment uses a knurled knob. You will always be able to adjust the sharp blades to make exactly the cuts you’re looking for without pulling or crushing the hair.

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Hair Cutting Shear Buying Guide

What is it that you need to consider when shopping for hair cutting shears? Are there any features that you simply cannot afford to miss? This section answers both these questions.

best hair cutting shears

5 Considerations When Buying a Hair Cutting Shear

Here are some of the essential questions you need to ask yourself before you start searching for a pair of hair cutting shears

  1. What is the size of the hair cutting shears?

    The first thing you should look for in shears is their size. Shears that are too small for your hand hamstrung your adaptability. Those that are too large might hurt the cutting movement of your fingers.

    If your hands are of the standard size, you may want to go for shears that are 5.5 inches in size. That is the size preferred by the majority of hairstylists and beauticians. Those of you whose hands are bigger than the general populace might opt to try their hand on 6.6-inch shears.

  2. What type of shear do I want?

    Depending on your needs, one or more of the following types of shear might be your favorite pick:

    • Straightener Shears

      Two types of straightener shears are available on the market: short straightener and long straightener. The short straightener one provides you more control and lets you clear hair off of the back of your ears and from the back of your neck.

      Long straightener ears, meanwhile, prefer speed over control. They let you cut/trim a bigger volume of hair in less time. That’s why barbers use them for cutting wet or thick hair.

    • Hair Cutting Shears

      Also known as diminishing shears, these are the go-to-gadget for the majority of hairstylists and beauticians. You can count on them to help you provide the most common men’s hairstyles.

      One type of hair cutting shears has fewer teeth (up to 28) and comes handy for finishing and cutting extra-thick locks. Those that have more teeth work excellent on decreasing, mixing, and adding surface to locks.

  3. What style of the handle will suit me better?

    How you’re going to hold them is another essential factor you cannot ignore when shopping for shears:

    • Offset handle:

      This design is made for those of you who naturally have a more ‘open hand’ when styling hair. It is slightly on the shorter side and prevents overextension of the thumb, a common issue with some other handle types.

    • Straight handle:

      Do you use your middle finger and thumb to cut hair? If you do, then a straight handle is a must-have for you. It may not be the most ergonomically designed. Still, since it has been on the market for decades, most hair professionals prefer it.

    • Crane handle:

      The crane handle is remarkably similar in design to the offside handle. The only difference between the two is that its offset is very ‘extreme’ to let you position your elbow in such a way as to relieve stress on your shoulders and the wrist.

  4. What type of blade will suit me better?

    Here are the three types of blades you’ll most likely come across:

    • Convex edge:

      Convex edge blades have very sharp edges that require little force to style and cut hair. That’s why most professionals rely on them to offer smooth and precise cuts. Their extreme sharpness means you need to handle them with great care

    • Beveled edge:

      Whereas convex edge blades are sharp, those that have beveled edges tend to be thicker. It is their thickness which makes these blades more durable, though they aren’t the best choice for advanced hair cutting styles.

  5. Who is my client?

    Do you only cut children’s or pet’s hair? Then you might want to go for a product which doesn’t have extra-sharp blades. You never know when your little one or your furry friend will make a sudden move, and you certainly don’t want a stainless steel blade at the end of their move.

    However, if you frequently cut women’s hair, you’ll ideally want a blade that can run riot over long, thick hair, over and over, and without growing blunt in the process. Conversely, if your client majority is male, you can use hair cutting shears to cut top hair and a product from our professional hair clipper reviews to trim down the sides and the back.

4 Important Features and Specs of the Best Hair Cutting Shears

Make sure your hair cutting shears come with these features:

  1. Stainless steel construction:

    Whether you’re going to use them domestically or professionally, shears that are made of steel last the longest. The best among them are those that are made of Hitachi ATS 314 steel, but they are also pretty expensive.

  2. Tension system:

    Shears that come with some sort of tension system (screw, leaf spring, ball bearing, etc.) let you adjust the stiffness between their handle and the blade. Otherwise, with no tensioning system, either the handle will be too tight and you’ll have to apply more force to open/close the blades, or it will be too loose and you won’t be able to cut effectively at all.

  3. Safe to use:

    While hair cutting shears can never be as safe to use as best nose hair trimmers, that doesn’t mean you should ignore this point. You can select a relatively safe model by taking into account your experience (novice or expert) and selecting blades (convex or beveled) that complement it.

  4. Warranty:

    Whether you’re searching for high-end hair cutting shears or going through our stubble trimmer buying guide, our message, as far as the warranty on products is concerned, is constant. You should always go for the model with the biggest warranty.

hair cutting shears reviews

Thinning Vs Texture Shears

Following are the major differences between thinning and texture shears:

  • Construction:

    Thinning shears have a large number of teeth (usually between 30 and 45) and position their teeth quite close to each other. Textured shears, meanwhile, have a relatively smaller number of teeth (between 5 and 22) placed wide apart from each other.

  • Purpose:

    The primary purpose of thinning shears is to iron out the demarcation lines left behind by hair scissors and give your hair a thinner, flatter, and more controlled look. Texture shears, on the contrary, are designed to add volume to your hair through layering.

  • Application:

    Most professional hairstylists who use thinning shears apply them at least 1 inch from the scalp and 2 inches before the end of the hair. That isn’t the case with texture shears which work their magic on the ends of the hair.

Shear Vs Scissors – What’s the Difference

There are three major differences between sheers and scissors.

  • Design:

    Scissors are designed such that both their holes are of equal size and symmetrical. Shears have two holes of unequal size, one of which fits the small finger whereas the other is designed to fit the larger finger.

  • Blade length:

    Juxtapose shears with scissors, and you’d come to know that the former is on the larger side. That’s mainly because the blade length of a typical shear (more than 6 inches) is mostly longer than that of a pair of scissors (less than 6 inches).

  • Application:

    Scissors, as long as they aren’t modified, cannot be used for thinning and cutting hair, trimming eyebrows, and in other beautification applications. Shears do all that without requiring any modification.

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Clipper Vs Using Scissors for a Haircut

Here’s how the haircuts of both these cutting tools compare:

  • Scissors Haircut

    Do you know why many customers prefer scissors cuts over clipper cuts? A scissors cut contours to the shape of your head to give your hair a more natural look. The hairs which remain behind after a scissor cut blend better with each other and a scissor cut also allows hair to grow at the same rate.

    Barbers usually prefer scissors when their clients ask for a choppy and a highly textured cut. They know that since scissors can cut smaller, more precise hairs, the remainder of the hair will fall correctly and have an even length.

  • Clipper Haircut

    Hairs that are cut using a clipper tend to grow at a different rate, which is why people who prefer ‘spiky’ hair ask their barber to use a clipper. It also cuts closer to the contours of your head and works best if you want to clean up your hairline.

    Clippers aren’t only for decimating your hair, though. Those that have guards on their blades can give you a great tapered short haircut. Also, since the guards come in different sizes, you can use them on clippers to create designs like fades.

Importance of Having Hair Cutting Shears

Do you have a bad haircut in the recent past? Then you can tell how crucial high-quality barber scissors are for a great haircut. In combination with the experience and skillset of the barbet, scissors play a crucial role in how good (or otherwise) you’ll look after a trim.

That is because unless they are sharp, scissors won’t let your hairdresser give you a haircut with precision. You might end up with split ends, or your hair may not look as you want them to. Most of us would blame the barber after such an instance, whereas it is the low-quality scissors which are culprits.

Apart from having sharp blades, most high-quality scissors share another quality. All of them are comfortable in the hands of the barber. It’s a crucial factor as a barber uses their scissors for hours on an average day. They won’t be able to do justice with your hair if the scissors are difficult to maneuver.

Consequently, you should never underestimate the importance of high-quality barber scissors to a great haircut. Were it not for them, the barber might never be able to give your haircut the look that would convince you to return to their salon again.

4 Benefits of Having Hairdressing Scissors

Here are the main benefits of having hairdressing scissors:

  1. Sharp Blades
    A pair of hairdressing scissors have sharp blades that let you give the desired haircut in no time. There is no need for you to sharpen the blades after every few weeks as they won’t go blunt anytime soon.
  2. Long Shelf Life
    Most high-quality scissors that you see on the market are made of stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, or cobalt steel. All of them are top-quality metals which boost high-resistant to wear-and-tear and last for years.
  3. Comfortable Design
    As you’ll realize on holding them in your hands, top-rated scissors have an ergonomic design. You can use them for hours on end and still not feel any strain in your wrist, on the arms, or shoulders.
  4. Huge Warranty
    The final benefit that high-quality hairdressing scissors provide is that they come with an extended replacement warranty and a shorter moneyback guarantee. That tells you about the level of trust their manufacturer places in these scissors.

hair cutting shears

Cleaning and Maintaining Hair Cutting Scissors

If you want them to last a long time, you need to clean and maintain your hair cutting scissors frequently. Let’s take a look as to how you can do that.

  • How To Clean Hair Cutting Scissors

    Soak the scissors in warm water and use a toothpick to clean gunk and other debris from around the corners of the scissors and the pivot screw. You can also turn to a toothbrush to remove hairs stuck in the blades. Let the scissors dry before putting them back in their storage box.

  • How To Maintain Hair Cutting Scissors

    Never place the scissors firmly against the counter and try as best as you can to save them from accidentally falling onto the floor. Lubricate them before the start of every workday and clean them frequently. Try storing them in a separate compartment as when scissors hit other tools, there is always a risk that their blades might end up getting damaged. Read more: How To Oil And Care For Your Shears

FAQ’s and Answers

Q: How do you know if your shears are dull?
A: Here are the signs that your shears need sharpening:

  • They are pushing hair away when you’re blunt or straight cutting
  • They are pulling and grabbing the hair when you’re slide cutting
  • You have to apply too much force to cut hair
  • The process of hair cutting has suddenly become much more laborious

Q: How to sharpen hair cutting shears?
A: Aluminum foil is one of the best tools for sharpening hair cutting shears. Take a piece of foil and fold it horizontally. Use the shears to cut from one end of the foil to the other. You can gauge whether your shears have got back their sharpness by cutting through a piece of cloth afterward.

Q: How often should you sharpen your haircutting shears?
A: Some manufacturers recommend that you sharpen their shears every three months. However, others suggest that you do it twice a year, or on a per-annum basis. We recommend that you sharpen your shears every six months or every 500 haircuts.

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There are multiple reasons why the most in-demand hairstylists and beauticians prefer hair cutting shears over other hair trimming tools. These experts know that the best hair cutting shears are easy to use, last for years on end, and help them provide their clients with whatever haircut they might wish for.

Provided you think this is all exaggeration, we invite you to scroll back to our hair cutting shear reviews. Only then you’ll realize that apart from doing everything that we stated in the previous paragraph, the top-rated shears bust one myth that the majority associates with them.

They debunk the notion that high-end shears have to cost you an arm and a leg. All the models that you see in this review are the go-to choice of barbers. But you cannot guess that from looking at their reasonable asking prices. That means you won’t have to break the bank to afford them.

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