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Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion DBLC 79000 Review – 2-Hour Run Time

[amazon_link asins=’B015QDU49C’ template=’imageleft’ store=’groomng-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1126e9cf-8d8c-11e7-b284-015f0795b0d1′]A hairstyle that catches the attention of everyone around you is possible only if you have the best clipper. Likewise, groomed beard and sharply cut edges near the ears and neckline prove that the professional hair clipper has done the job well. This is a fact that a barber or an amateur look for a handy clipper that can provide different styles of haircuts in a few passes only.

Whether your hair type is dry or wet, Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper is the best electronic tool to have in the shaving kit bag. A barber buys it to do an effortless job one after the other and a man at home needs it for not visiting the salon so often.

This review will help you know more about this product and by the end of this article, you will surely be ready to buy it.

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Special Features of Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper

A professional haircut becomes expensive if you need it regularly so the need for Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper arises. It is one of the best tools that trim hair so perfectly that you will be gladly buying it either for your salon services or at-home haircuts. Its most important feature is the cordless design that allows you to use it anywhere and from any angle. Its high performance lets you use it for two hours continuously after charging it completely.

Another benefit of using this clipper is that you can detach the blades and change them as per the needs. When the blades get dull, you can replace them with new and sharp ones to get quick and effective results. Besides, this is equipped with five different settings to use it accordingly, providing desired haircuts to thick and thin hair, and trimming and tapering styles. Also, no one likes the noisy operation of clippers especially when you are running late of your schedule. This product ensures quiet operation so that you do not feel irritated because of its unwanted noise.

This comprehensive tool helps in cutting both wet and dry hair with finesse because of the powerful motor. This is the highlight of this hair clipper and makes it a unique professional-grade toolkit for any barber or a stylist at home. Therefore, you must prefer this over other models and Groominguru also believes in its potential, efficiency and remarkable performance.


There are several advantages of adding Andis clipper to your bathroom or to the collection of shaving accessories. Following benefits will surely make a difference and help you in buying the right product.

  • This hair clipper takes two hours in getting fully charged and provides the same runtime. This mode helps you use it freely, making your task easier and quicker.
  • With the help of variable speed settings, you can create fades, advanced hairstyles, and attractive beard patterns. This also works on thick and thin hair effectively because of Lithium-ion power mode incorporated with its rotary motor.
  • This clipper gets adjusted with various kinds of blades like Andis UltraEdge, CeramicEdge, Oster Classic 76, and Oster Titan blades. Such efficient adaptability to different blades adds more to its versatility.
  • Being cordless, it gives you free movement while usage and remains easy to use, no matter how long you do the task of clipping and trimming.
  • This clipper is light in weight and comfortable to hold.


Every product comes with both pros and cons, so there is a need to know the disadvantages before buying any tool to use on a daily basis.

  • This equipment does not work perfectly on thick hair chunks and so you need to change the blades more often.
  • Cleaning this tool becomes a daunting task if there are any hair chunks inside the clipper.
  • It is quite heavy, making it difficult to hold for a long time.

However, these do not outweigh the remarkable merits of befriending this hair clipper so you must definitely make it your first choice.

Maintenance of Hair Clipper

[amazon_link asins=’B015QDU49C’ template=’imageright’ store=’groomng-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1b8db931-8d8c-11e7-8ddf-9be3391944c1′]It is a fact that this clipper has several benefits that help you in haircuts and styling beards but if you want to use it for a long time then cleaning is an important task. Every tool requires proper maintenance and cleaning whether you use it at home or for the professional purpose. You must clean the blades after every use followed by the washing of adjusters.

Secondly, proper oiling and greasing should be done so as to get effective results. There is a need to change the blades if they have broken, got dull or fallen down.

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In Brief

This review will surely help you with making an informed decision. Every man of the house needs a tool that can make his hairstyle in a few minutes.

Likewise, this clipper from the collection of Andis has all the features that you have been looking for. Being so durable and safe for hair cutting, beard trimming and shaping, you must order it today without thinking twice. Groominguru believes in the performance of this hair clipper, therefore you can confidently befriend it.

So, whether you are looking for a hair clipper that you can take with you anywhere or want to try different haircuts with a handy clipper, Andis Supra ZR is your go-to tool.