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Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper & Fast Feed & T-Finisher

[amazon_link asins=’B00579595K’ template=’imageleft’ store=’groomng-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4f0e4da3-8d8a-11e7-8a4f-d52330e88956′]Every morning starts with looking at your face and this is when the tough job begins! The stylish head haircut, groomed beard, perfect mustache, trimmed hair near the ears, and neckline need a barber’s tool rather than the traditional accessories.

And, what can be more convenient than doing it at the comfort of your home without using scissors and razors?  The barbers’ first choice is an electronic clipper that adds a tinge of sophistication to your look. Without spending much and getting a professional or military-style cut has been made easy for you with the availability of Oster Ultimate Package.

“I need a stylist or maybe want to become one.” “Why can’t I find a professional hair trimmer that gives an even cut?” If you are one of those who keep thinking these questions, then read on.

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Features of Oster Ultimate Package

Every man needs the best electronic clipper for himself so as to make the trim work look perfect. After a complete research, we, at Groominguru, found the product of Oster that succeeds to impress you with its durability, performance and remarkable power. Since 1928, the company has provided the best hair clippers that are famous for both personal and professional purposes. The Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper is one of the best tools that come with T-Finisher known for a sleek yet compact look; this makes it a perfect trimmer for beard and mustache. Oster barber clippers are known for high performance and efficiency that provides accurate trim and less sound. The durability and reliability of this product are worth noticing as you can even cut the thick, thin, dry, damp or wet hair perfectly.

Another positive feature of this tool is its long-lasting and powerful motor. The barbers and even the common man can befriend this product without giving it a second thought because it performs well at heavy use too. Its use becomes effective and mandatory in houses and salons due to its high speed. The trim work gets smoother with its movement of blades against combs, providing a clean haircut. Such features make it a worth buying product and even Groominguru helps you feel more confident on your choice.


Buying a clipper is not an everyday job so it is important to look at its special features to run it for a long time. Certain benefits that will make you happy using this clipper are:

  • This product comes with a set of 10 combs that makes it an ultimate package for a professional. The different combs can be replaced for getting the accurate shape without making any efforts.
  • This tool matches the needs of every person and helps in easy repair and replacement of blades, combs and other parts.
  • The heavy-duty motor performs so well that it outweighs the efficiency of normal trimmers. In fact, even after long use, it remains cooler by 30 degrees, making it a perfect choice.
  • The blades that come along with the product can be changed and adjusted as per the requirement. A stylist makes the best use of this product by changing the Size 1 and Size 000 blades occasionally.
  • Certain other accessories that come in its package are useful blade guard, oil, grease for clipper and a brush to clean the complete tool effectively. Oil and grease give a longer life to this equipment.
  • The clipper is so well designed that it fits comfortably in your hand, letting you do the job for long hours without pain or discomfort.


This Oster clipper is one of the best tools in barber industry but has a few drawbacks that are mentioned below.

  • Being heavy and big in size, people with small hands may feel difficulty in holding it for a longer period.
  • Usually, this product is avoided due to its expensive price tag, though it renders excellent finish and trim to the beard.
  • Although it comes with different sized blades, yet it is not easy to replace them. Learning this job takes time and creates a problem at times.

Tips to Take Care of Hair Clipper

[amazon_link asins=’B00579595K’ template=’imageright’ store=’groomng-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4583ad50-8d8a-11e7-afad-c79dbf030347′]The performance and effectiveness shown by this clipper is unimaginable as it gives a clean trim in few passes. It generates less number of vibrations when switched on, keeping your hand at comfort while doing the job perfectly. However, there are a few tips that must be taken into consideration to make the product last for a long time.

  • It is necessary to clean the product after every use.
  • The cleaning brush must be used on the guards to keep the dirt and dust away from the tool.
  • The blades should be cleaned using a brush by turning the clipper on and off, so as to remove the remaining hair.
  • You must replace the dull and old blades with the new ones.
  • Use oil to let it work smoothly.

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In Brief

There are many hair clippers available in the market and Oster’s product stands out with its high performance and clean touch in a few passes. Whether you are a professional barber or a stylist, this is an efficient hair clipper to give fine beard and sharp haircuts. Groominguru helps you in knowing more about the clippers, blades, and trimmers so that you pick the best and look the most stylish among all.